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Get Lucky #2


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Alu-Dibond & Acrylic Glass

7mm thickness

Glossy & Frameless


About this Series

"Get Lucky" is a mesmerizing series of abstract art that defies convention with its modern and enigmatic allure. The artist, sought to convey the magic of serendipity through a soft, ombré color fading technique. In each piece, colors blend and shift, creating a sense of fluidity and unpredictability. Inspired by the dynamic rhythm of city life and the unexpected beauty found in everyday moments, it invites viewers to experience the wonder of chance and the boundless possibilities it brings. "Get Lucky" is a visual exploration of the dance between the expected and the unforeseen.
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Get Lucky #2
Get Lucky #2 Sale price$1,043.00

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From our Community

"Just bought my third art piece. Prices are super reasonable and makes it easy to get into building a collection."


Henrik, Berlin

"Absolute stunner. I knew This upgraded my entire living room to the next level."


Constance, Paris

"Ok guys, I may have gone a little wild. But I just like it expressive and over the top. Thanks again for the great consultation"


Manuel, Mallorca

"The glossy finish makes it vibrant and different depending on the light in the room."


Benji, Rotterdam

"Honestly still can't believe the great quality for the price. What an amazing offer."


Konstantinos, Warsaw

"Looks SOOOO much better in person. That feeling, when pulling off the protective layer!"


Maria, Barcelona

Printed on Metal

Crowned with Glass


of Authenticity


for Nails or Nylon Strings


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"Wow, Berlin Collective is a game-changer! Outstanding art that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I'm hooked."


"We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the price tag. Finally, art that we can actually afford—and it looks amazing in our living room."

Mark & Lilly

"This place is like a hidden gem for art lovers on a budget. Quality stuff without the crazy markup. I've told all my friends about it."