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Our Story

About Berlin Collective

The siblings from Berlin

The Story of Berlin Collective

We are Frida and Frederic, siblings deeply rooted in Berlin's lively culture, with entrepreneurial spirits and a shared love for art. Our desire for large, bold artwork for our spaces led us on a quest, one that soon revealed a gap. Online galleries promised affordability but delivered only tiny versions of our bold vision.

Undeterred, we explored digital art, unlocking the door to large yet affordable artwork. We were adamant; even the grandest pieces should fall under 1000€, with a unique touch of only 10 pieces per edition. Thus, Berlin Collective was born, our platform where every other week, a fresh collection of decorative digital art encapsulates the bold, eclectic spirit of Berlin, now shared with the world.

Our curation revolves around three key pillars:

  1. Our Art should be exclusive!
  2. Our Art must be affordable!
  3. Buying our Art must be an enjoyable process

"We wanted large, yet affordable art and couldn't find it - so we built it ourselves"

We, Frida and Frederic, are the curators of every piece you see on Berlin Collective, handpicked to ensure nothing but bold, expressive, and unique decorative art fills the platform. No room for the mundane, only artwork that echoes the bold spirit of Berlin. With Berlin Collective, let your walls do more than just whisper; let them shout in the bold language of Berlin’s soul.

If you have feedback, we want to personally hear from you. Please write us at: or