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Premium Edition von Jonxs


Teil der Serie Boring Vine since 1988

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Stark limitierte Auflage von 25

Lieferzeit: 1-2 Wochen

7 mm Dicke

Glänzend und rahmenlos


Alu-Dibond & Acrylglas

Mit Wandhalterung

Limitierte Auflage

Frequenting airport Senator Lounges is his penchant, often boarding flights ahead of the crowd. Staff offer a deferential handshake, masking their efforts behind a polite smile. He thrives in the world of delegation, where his expertise is perennially summoned by his smartphone. His social circle has grown accustomed to his elusive nature, relishing rare encounters to glean tidbits about his latest real estate endeavors and a collection of expensive old watches dating back to the early '90s.

Queries are seldom posed, and when they are, it's primarily to cast a favorable light upon himself. In jest, I've dubbed him the "Owner" and hope that he finds the more gratifying half of his existence, replete with watch appreciation and the reclamation of time spent chasing recognition. Cheers!


MONSIEUR FANCY Angebot$1,106.00
Über Jonxs


Stuttgart-born and now a staple in the Berlin art scene, JonXs has evolved from a high-profile fashion career with icons like Laura Biagiotti to a multidisciplinary artist, mastering both glass and canvas. A sneaker addict since the beginning, his passion for footwear parallels his love for fashion and comics, elements that significantly influence his artwork. JonXs' positive outlook on life radiates through his pieces, offering a fresh perspective in a world saturated with social media and advertising imagery. His work, which includes unique fabric manipulations and vibrant magazine cut-outs, invites viewers to question the authenticity of modern cultural trends and the nature of individual expression. JonXs stands for authenticity, infusing his creations with a palpable energy that encourages a deeper reflection on the power of images in shaping our identities. With JonXs®, his signature brand, he brings an authentic touch to the contemporary art landscape, allowing aficionados to experience the fusion of fashion, comics, and art in a new, exhilarating dimension.



"Wow, Berlin Collective is a game-changer! Outstanding art that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I'm hooked."


"We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the price tag. Finally, art that we can actually afford—and it looks amazing in our living room."

Mark & Lilly

"This place is like a hidden gem for art lovers on a budget. Quality stuff without the crazy markup. I've told all my friends about it."


Aus unserer Community

"Just bought my third art piece. Prices are super reasonable and makes it easy to get into building a collection."


Henrik, Berlin

"Absolute stunner. I knew This upgraded my entire living room to the next level."


Constance, Paris

"Looks SOOOO much better in person. That feeling, when pulling off the protective layer!"


Maria, Barcelona

"The glossy finish makes it vibrant and different depending on the light in the room."


Benji, Rotterdam